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Joy and Baby Maria…

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dgsafdmd asked: hey there, sorry to bother, i can't watch the promo you posted cause it's embed and I'm at work (hehe) but I'm interested in checking it out (the one for Orphan Black in latinamerica) is there any way you could send me the direct URL? or let me know what network will air it? is it BBC Entretenimiento?

no problem (btw I love your icon, David is beatiful) Black Orphan going to transmitting OnDIRECTV, Directv exclusive channel and this is the link of the promo. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LsOI9zGbY9U

Sep 23

Orphan Black llega a LatinoAmerica!!!!!!!

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Pilot Scoop: Bethany Joy Lenz to Star in E! Drama Songbyrd From Grey's Scribe and Smash EPs →

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Introducing Haley James promo

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The Writer | Don & Sloan.

Sep 17

If the newsroom is renewed for a third season, I like that Joy made ​​an appearance, and now that Mackenzie and Will are engaged, I think it’s time to explore at their family, and in my opinion I would love to Joy interpret one of the Wll sisters that he protected against his father

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Wish You Were Here: 20 Questions →

20 Questions with Lucy Hale

I met Lucy for the first time at the CW Upfronts about 3 years ago. The network had all of the stars from its new & returning shows at a party/conference in New York and we were mingling with each other and the CW executives, affiliates and advertisers. I remember finding a place to sit down, eat my plate of hors d’oeuvres and get away from all the mindless chatter. I walked over and sat beside two young girls who looked like they felt as awkward as I did and who were obviously keeping each other company. I started chatting with this gorgeous, young, brunette sitting beside me who was on a new show called “Privileged” with my friend JoAnna Garcia. I was instantly impressed by her ability to hone in and have a real conversation amidst all the small talk. She looked me right in the eye. She wasn’t looking around the room to see what celebrity might be walking by— and there were tons— she was totally present and engaged and SINCERE. Let me tell you, that is a rare, rare trait in this business. We talked for what must have been only about 20 minutes, but I never forgot her name or how delightful she was. I knew she was headed for big things in her career.